Martin Sullivan

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Martin Sullivan at eth door with Good News!

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Martin Sullivan at eth door with Good News!Martin Sullivan has lived in Woking for over 40 years. A family man, Martin lives with his wife, their grown-up daughter, her partner and the family dog. Recently retired, he enjoys cooking for his family, reading crime novels and taking long walks around Woking. 

A long-time supporter of the Liberal Democrats, Martin has delivered leaflets for many years. He has recently been inspired to join the councillor team, to represent Liberal values and strengthen their position to fight for a Lib Dem MP at the next General Election.  

"Every day we hear more news of dishonesty and incompetence from the Conservatives, both locally and nationally" Martin says. "The Lib Dems in Woking are a fantastic group of people who really care about our town and our residents, and I want to lend my time and support to their efforts." 

During his career in IT support, Martin was well used to problem solving and working with colleagues across the business. His calm, hardworking attitude and patient and approachable character will lend itself well to helping meet the needs of residents in Goldsworth Park and representing them on the council. If elected, Martin would lobby for the use of mobile CCTV measures to tackle the ongoing issue of fly-tipping in the area.  

"If you want a councillor who's hardworking, down to earth and someone who really listens to what you have to say, then Martin is the candidate for you."  

John Morley, Councillor for Horsell.