Dr Swati Mukherjee

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Swati Mukherjee

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Swati MukherjeeDr. Swati Mukherjee is standing to represent Horsell on Woking Borough Council. She is a doctor by training, a Biotech director in her current profession and a mother of 2 teenage sons, both of whom wish to pursue a career in medicine. Swati has lived in Woking since 2014 and is a strong supporter of the balanced, harmonised, fair way of living for people of all backgrounds and ethnicity that the town offers its residents.

A proud resident of Woking, Swati has been angered, frustrated and disappointed by the seemingly uncontrolled and relentless development of the town centre. She believes that regeneration and development are necessary for innovation and progression purposes but not at the cost of financial penalties being imposed on future generations.

Swati is concerned that insurmountable debt incurred by the development will have a domino effect on various council functions and services thus jeopardising the lives and livelihood of Woking residents.

Swati is also a huge believer in the NHS, which she considers to be the pride of the country and the envy of others. She is concerned that the NHS is ailing under the strain of misdirected government policies, negligence, inefficiency and a lack of understanding of the needs of those who need care and compassion the most. Swati thinks that, even though the NHS sits outside the direct remit of local government, it is another reason why the country needs a caring and efficient government in position, with a caring and honest local team who would put the needs of the people first.

Swati strongly believes that Woking has the spirit and soul to become a town of the future and that, with its cosmopolitan nature and proximity to London, it can buzz with thriving local, national and multinational businesses. It can also provide a fair way of living for its population of all economic backgrounds