Candidates for May 2023 Local Elections!

March 21, 2023 3:14 PM

Candidates LE23

Introducing the brilliant Lib Dem candidates standing to join our team on Woking Council this May!

These candidates are ready to help turn Woking from being a failing bank to a council, focused on delivering services. Selected for their skills and experience, they will strengthen our team.

Cllr Ann-Marie Barker, Leader of Woking Council says:

"We have finance experts, strategists, entrepreneurs, business and charity sector leaders, and of course some of our most experienced councillors are re-standing this May. These are people who genuinely care about their communities, will be a strong local voice for residents and an asset to our growing team."


Lib Dems believe in empowered local democracy. As such, we promise to be open with you about council investments, and be responsible with your money.

We believe that your money should be spent on delivering local services, not servicing long term debt.

We will prioritise the vulnerable, and core council services during these difficult financial times. But we will also look to the future, and promote 'Destination Woking' as a place where local businesses can grow and flourish.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to thrive, wherever you live in our vibrant borough.

That is why the views of residents lie at the heart of our town centre Master Plan.

We will work with housing associations and developers to create affordable homes, but will ensure the necessary local services, including green spaces and play areas, are provided.

We will encourage the development of Neighbourhood Forums, to enable the unique communities of Horsell, St Johns, Knaphill, Byfleet and West Byfleet, Pyrford Village, Westfield, Goldsworth Park, Sheerwater and Maybury to be involved in the shaping of their areas


We believe everyone should live in a green and safe community.

We are committed to both safeguarding our environment today, and fighting to protect it for tomorrow.

That is why, alongside our commitment to achieving carbon net zero for our borough council by 2030, we will also: protect the greenbelt; continue to fight fly-tipping with CCTV cameras; install charging points for bikes and cars, including in disabled spaces; lobby for more flood prevention funds, and; encourage residents to 'shop and play locally, by revitalising local businesses and the central hubs in each of our neighbourhoods.

We have a great team of candidates, to find out more about who is standing in your ward, click their image below to find out more!

Louise Morales Steve Greentree Chris Martin
Ian Johnson Dr swati mukherjee Leslie Rice
Rob Leach Martin Sullivan Susan Jordan
David O'Brien

This year, voters from every party are getting behind the Lib Dems in Woking as the only chance to stop the Conservatives. SQZ GE2019

The Conservatives have almost bankrupted the council, leaving debts of £2.4billion which cost £56 million a year in repayments - 5 times the annual amount raised by Council Tax.

We plan to limit the height of new buildings, make the council carbon net zero by 2030 to help fight climate change, and tackle Woking's financial mess with openness and integrity.

A vote for the Lib Dems means a local champion who will demand a fair deal for you!